What is Gold Vermeil?





Gold vermeil refers to gold plated 925 sterling silver Jewellery. Using at least 10k gold, it is the plating thickness that determine whether the item is labelled gold vermeil. In the United States, gold plating needs to be at least 2.5 micron (under FTC regulation). 


This is at least 5 times more than the normal gold plating and will ensure that the shine and colour of your Jewellery pieces last much longer. They are also great for people with sensitive skin.


SMUK Fine Jewellry




In SMUK, we have our pieces plated with 3 microns of 18k gold. 

Surpassing the standard set by FTC, we hope that we are giving quality products without heavy markups to our customers.


☑ Shower

☑ Swim 

☑ Wearing Everyday


*Note that in Canada, the requirements for labelling an item 'gold vermeil' are much lower; the plating thickness needs only to be 1.0 micron thick.


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